CEPS Studies on the Bologna Process

A selection of studies carried out by CEPS

On this page, we offer a selection of studies on the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area (only those in English), which were performed at our center either independently by CEPS or in collaboration with colleagues and institutes from elsewhere. Gradually some new analyses will be posted here.

2004.01 Drafts and final (English) text of the Bologna Declaration. In Zgaga, Pavel, 2004, Bolonjski proces. Oblikovanje skupnega evropskega visokošolskega prostora [in Slovenian; The Bologna Process. Formation of a common European Higher Education Area]. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. Pp. 181–186. – Posted 10/04/2017


2006.01 Zgaga, Pavel. 2006. Looking out: The Bologna process in a global setting. On the “External dimension” of the Bologna process. Oslo: Ministry of Education and Research. – Posted 10/04/2017


2007.01 Zgaga, Pavel, Higher Education in Transition. Reconsiderations on Higher Education in Europe at the Turn of Millennium. Umeå: Umeå University.


2008.01 Zgaga, Pavel, Komljenovič, Janja, Miklavič, Klemen. Thematic review of Tempus structural measures: a survey report. Final report to the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. Ljubljana: CEPS, 2008.


2011.01 Miklavič, Klemen (ed.). Paths to internationalisation. Higher education policies, trends and strategies in Europe and Slovenia. Ljubljana: CMEPIUS.


2012.01 Zgaga, Pavel, Reconsidering the EHEA Principles: Is there a ‘Bologna Philosophy’? In A. Curaj et al. (eds.), European Higher Education at the Crossroads: Between the Bologna Process and National Reforms,DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-3937-6_2, Dordrecht: Springer


2013.01 Zgaga, Pavel, Manja Klemenčič, Janja Komljenovič, Klemen Miklavič, Igor Repac, and Vedran Jakačić. 2013. Higher Education in the Western Balkans: Reforms, Developments, Trends. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. – Posted 10/04/2017


2015.01 Miklavič, Klemen. 2015. Higher Education in Europe: Europeanisation, Ideas and functions. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. – Posted 10/04/2017


2015.02 Zgaga, Pavel, The social dimension in the European Higher Education Area. In Baranović, B. (ed.) (2015). Koji srednješkolci namjeravaju studirati? Pristup visokom obrazovanju i odabir studija [Which high school students plan to study? Access to higher education and the selection of studies]. Zagreb: IDI, pp. 211-233.