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Sintayehu Kassaye Alemu has studied  History at BA and MA level at Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), MA in General Education in UMEA University (Sweden), and  MPhil in Higher Education(Erasmus Mundus) in Oslo University (Norway), Tampere University )Finland), and Aviero University (Portugal).

Sintayehu has published few books and participated in some institutional, national and international conferences focusing on issues of History, the Nile River, and Education. His research preference is becoming more and more concentrating on history and education, particularly Higher Education.

At present (2013-2016) Sintayehu is a UNIKE PhD fellow at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. His PhD research project focuses on ‘’A Comparative Analysis of Practices and Impacts of Internationalization of Higher Education on the Academic life in the Centers and Peripheries’.



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