klemen.miklavic (at) guest.arnes.si

Klemen Miklavič is a researcher affiliated to the Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS), University of Ljubljana. His research experience extends to the Universities of Oslo and Deusto (Bilbao). His primary interests are analysing ideas and concepts in higher education policy, researching the discursive meaning of higher education in Europe and studying the role of (higher) education in (post) conflict societies. Recently published works include:

•    Meaning and perceptions of higher education in Western Balkans (together with Komljenovic, J.). In: Zgaga, Brankovic, Lazetic, Klemencic: Global Challenges, Local Responses in Higher Education. The contemporary issues innational and comparative perspective. (Sense Publishers, 2013).
•    Imagining higher education in European knowledge economy: Discourse and ideas in the communications of the EU (together with Komljenovič, J.). In: P. Zgaga, U. Teichler J. Brennan (Eds.): The globalisation challenge for European Higher Education. Convergence and diversity, centres and peripheries. (Peter Lang, 2013).
•    Academic values against the commodification of higher education. In the monograph European higher education at the Crossroad.  In: Curaj, Scott, Vlasceanu, Wilson. Future of higher education: research papers. (Springer, 2012).
•    Reforming higher education in transition between national and international reform initiatives: the case of Slovenia. In the journal European education (M.E. Sharpe, 2012).
•    Europeanisation in action: the (re)construction and role of higher education in post-conflict settings. In the Journal of the European higher education area. (Raabe 2012).

Besides academic research, he also works as a consultant in higher education policy and developement projects. He worked as a consultant, expert and free lance researcher for a number of intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and research centres such as Council of Europe, Centre for Education Policy in Belgrade, OSCE Mission in Kosovo etc. He worked on projects dedicated to higher education in several countries, such as the Western Balkans, Burma, Armenia etc.